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Book Review: Carol J. Perry’s “Witch City” Series

Posted by Nichole on November 28, 2016 in Book Reviews, Mystery, Paranormal |

Another series that I’ve fallen in love with.  So far there are only three titles in the series, but I’m hoping more.  And soon.  In this series Carol J. Perry has combined a number of things I love or am pretty familiar with.  First, the main character works in television.  And not only do I watch television, I actually work for a local TV news station.

Second, the series takes place in Salem, Massachusetts.  I’ve never been there, but it’s one of those places that is definitely on my bucket list, so the idea of a series taking place there intrigues me.

Finally, the main character is a reluctant psychic, much like the main character in my own novels.

With those three points, how could I not like such a series?

Caught Dead HandedIn the first book, Caught Dead Handed,  we meet Lee Barrett as she applies for a job as a television reporter.  She’s recently returned to Salem after working in television in Florida.  However, instead of stumbling upon the job of her dreams, she stumbles upon a the body of the station’s late-night television psychic.

Lee doesn’t get the reporter job, but she is offered the late-night gig, which she takes.  As she looks to fill the time-slot, Lee discovers that she is also filling the psychic role.  And as she reluctantly embraces the ability to see the future, Lee also helps find the truth about her predecessors death.

Tails You LoseIn Tails, You Lose, Lee is once again on the job hunt.  She’s lost her job as a TV psychic (and still hasn’t been able to land that reporter job).  So Lee takes on a position that many a displaced professional  has taken: she becomes a teacher.

Right before the newly-created career center opens, however, a family friend is found dead in suspicious circumstances.

While Lee and her students work to document the amazing history of the building the school is located in, they stumble upon the answers to the friend’s death.

Finally, in Look Both Ways, Lee is still teaching non-traditional students who are interested in a career in television.  She also cLook Both Waysontinues to build  her adult life in her childhood home town.  And that means, furnishing a home.

But wouldn’t you know it.  As soon as Lee finds a perfect bureau, the owner of the shop where Lee buys it ends up dead.  No matter how hard she tries to stay out of it, Lee is drawn into the mystery.

I really enjoyed each of these books and look forward to more.  Author Carol J. Perry has created believable characters and I personally enjoyed her thoughts and descriptions of the television stations.  (I think we may have worked with some of the same people!)

The paranormal aspect of the series is realistic and could easily be something that takes place everyday in any place.  The plots are fun and overall the books are a quick read.  According to Carol J. Perry’s website, the next book, Murder Go Round will be out at the end of January, 2017.  I can’t wait!



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Book Review: Juliet Blackwell’s “Witchcraft Mystery” Series

Posted by Nichole on May 23, 2016 in Book Reviews, Mystery, Paranormal |

In case you haven’t figured it out, I will often find an author I like and then read just about every dang thing they write.  Juliet Blackwell is an author I like.  And on my list of books I’ve read and yet to review are at least three of her Witchcraft Mystery series: In a […]

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Book Review: “The Women of Duck Commander”

Posted by Nichole on March 26, 2016 in Book Reviews, Non-Fiction |

Let me tell you a little something about my life.  My husband is a country boy.  And I don’t mean that he’s just a “drive the pick up and listen to Blake Shelton on the radio” kinda guy.  He’s a “Hank Williams, let’s go deer hunting, wore his good cowboy boots to our wedding” kind […]

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Book Review: Liv Bergen series

Posted by Nichole on March 6, 2016 in Book Reviews, FanGirl, Mystery |

I’ve talked about this series before and I just can’t say enough things about it. If you don’t know anything about the Liv Bergen series, here’s a crash course.  Liv is a strong, independent woman who comes from a family of nine children.  The family is in the mining business, and Liv is definitely at […]

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Book review: “Death on the Greasy Grass”

Posted by Nichole on March 16, 2015 in Book Reviews, Mystery |

I picked this one up because of the title: Death on the Greasy Grass.  I mean, seriously.  Greasy Grass.  How amazingly descriptive is that? Then I read the book’s summary and I knew I had to buy it.  There’s a Battle of Little Big Horn reenactment, an FBI agent trying to take a few days […]

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Book Review: Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy

Posted by Nichole on December 8, 2014 in Book Reviews, Paranormal |

Here’s another review that’s a little out of my normal reading genre.  Kind of. The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy isn’t a mystery.  It falls squarely in the romance genre.  So squarely, in fact, that it’s a Nora Roberts trilogy. However, the setting and the topic appealed to me (Ireland and magic), so I couldn’t resist picking […]

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Book Review: “A Haunting Dream”

Posted by Nichole on July 14, 2014 in Book Reviews, Mystery, Paranormal |

I am a huge fan of Joyce and Jim Lavene and all their various series.  Well, at least the ones I’m familiar with anyway. A Haunting Dream is part of the MIssing Pieces series and is set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  In this series, Dae O’Donnell has a gift for finding lost […]

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Book Review: “The Cold Dish”

Posted by Nichole on March 2, 2014 in Book Reviews, FanGirl, Mystery |

There are a lot of things I really dislike about winter.  I dislike the cold.  And the fewer hours of sunlight.  And the cold. I also dislike the fact that A&E doesn’t have Longmire on. I’ll admit that I am not usually a fan of westerns.  I mean, really.  I’m not a “horse” girl.  I […]

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Book Review: “Merciless”

Posted by Nichole on February 10, 2014 in Book Reviews, FanGirl, Mystery |

Have you ever met someone who was so amazing that you were a little in awe of them right from the start?  And  then you find out that person is just as nice as can be?  And then you find out that person is where you want to be in life? That’s my experience with […]

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Book Review: “Home for the Haunting”

Posted by Nichole on February 4, 2014 in Book Reviews, Mystery, Paranormal |

Home for the Haunting is the fourth in Juliet Blackwell’s Haunted Home Renovation series and it doesn’t disappoint. In this installment, Mel Turner is leading a group of volunteers in some community service where they do home improvements for the elderly, the handicapped and the needy. As they work on one disabled man’s home, making it […]

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